About Us

About Papineau Studio


Papineau Studio is a private art studio in Litchfield, Connecticut. Anne Marie Papineau is a visual artist with a BFA in printmaking and drawing. Fine line and subtle texture is the hallmark of her work, whether on paper, canvas, or glassware. Over time the details of life in the Litchfield landscape have become a focal point. The  work on these glasses has developed into a lovely  line of fine gifts. They are small works of art with a functional purpose. The designs are etched, then painted in many layers to create a natural image, then heat set. Each pair comes with a gift card with washing instructions. You can find them in select fine gift shops and design galleries in New England. 

Make one of our creations your own!


This glassware is created one set at a time making every pair unique. Take a look at what we have and find a style that best suits you and your needs. Contacting the studio directly allows you to find out what styles are currently available in our studio or in a retail location. You can also select a style and contact us by phone or email to have a custom set created and shipped to you. Send us a message to have quality service and an elegant gift for someone special (even if that someone is you!).

The Artistry


Lead free Crystal glassware is etched, then painted in many layers with detailed images from nature. The images are heat set and we recommend hand washing to ensure color and clarity. These small works of art with a functional purpose are created in pairs or sets for the perfect specialty gift. Find them in many artistic shops in New England as well as here, where you can view an array of designs and glass styles that are available.